Meadow Rue Merrill

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Meadow Rue Merrill is an author, journalist, and occasional editor who writes books for children and adults from a little house in the big woods of Mid-Coast Maine. Her memoir, “Redeeming Ruth: Everything Life Takes, Love Restores,” debuts in May 2017.

Redeeming Ruth

When 16-month-old Ruth arrived in Maine from an orphanage in Uganda, she couldn’t sit up, roll over, or speak, but her life spoke volumes about the importance of family, the meaning of faith, and the power of love.

Faith Notes: Words that Encourage

Life is often rough, mine included. Some days seem determined to crush your hopes and dreams. For inspiration and understanding, I turn to the same words that have guided generations, the Scriptures. Are you weary? Searching for encouragement? Me too! Faith Notes are brief, Scripture-based meditations about discovering God in my everyday life. Each week’s reflection is meant to strengthen your faith and brighten your day. Subscribe below.


A narrow escape

I had been warned. Loading heavy sheets of plywood and lengthy strips of siding and a storm door into the back of my minivan at a lumber yard tent sale, I had been warned not to tie the tailgate of my van open to fit it all inside. “Once you get going, you’ll create a vacuum,” the man who’d sold it to me warned. “It will suck exhaust into your vehicle.” Happy with the deals I’d scored, I paused for only a moment, considering the danger.

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Inviting others to join in

I recently had the privilege of touring a Maine business with an integrated workforce in which half of the employees are affected by some form of disability. It brought back warm memories of our daughter Ruth, who had cerebral palsy and was deaf. How she wanted to join in! It didn’t matter whether it was grocery shopping, licking envelope flaps to help mail bills, or stirring cake batter, with my hand over hers, Ruth wanted to participate.

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Longing for change

Do you long for change? Last December, when we bought our little house in the big woods, the weathered shingles were as gray as a dreary winter day. A rusting light fixture hung outside the mold-stained fiberglass door, with the house number scrawled on front with black permanent marker.

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Rules for right living

For all the freedom that summer offers—for all the lazy mornings and late nights and drives to the lake—I welcome the steady, constrained days of fall. There’s something comforting about falling back into a routine, something secure. Summer’s unrestricted schedule, when kids bounce in and out of doors and from their beds at all hours, leaves me rather bewildered.

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Love vs. politics

I grew up watching Billy Graham’s evangelistic rallies on TV. And I’m a huge fan of the outreach, Samaritan’s Purse, launched by his son, Franklin Graham, to bring lifesaving medicine, provisions, and shelter to the world’s poorest people. So I was excited to hear that Franklin was coming to Augusta to lead Christians in praying for our country.

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