Meadow Rue Merrill

My Work

Meadow Rue Merrill is an award-winning writer, contributing magazine editor and mom of six including Ruth, who was adopted from Uganda. Meadow doesn’t wear a clerical collar. She didn’t graduate from seminary, but she believes that God is intimately involved in her everyday life, an experience she shares in her weekly newspaper column, “Faith Notes.” Please subscribe to connect!

Redeeming Ruth

Ruth was 16-months old when she arrived in Maine from an orphanage in Uganda. She couldn’t sit up, roll over or lift her head. In seven years Ruth never spoke a word, yet her life spoke volumes about the importance of family, the meaning of faith, and the power of love. “Redeeming Ruth” is her story.

Faith Notes

Life is often rough, mine included. Some days seem designed to crush your hopes and dreams. Faith Notes are brief, Scripture-inspired meditations that are meant to encourage. Each Monday I offer a new reflection based on what God is doing in my everyday life. You can also find Faith Notes on Fridays in The Times Record and Bangor Daily News. Or subscribe to have it delivered to your in-box. I look forward to hearing from you!



Seeking purpose in a world of suffering

Living in a small city with a large family, the only thing in my life that shouts, “Quiet!” is usually me. From the time my family wakes up in the morning to when I shut off the light, my day is a door-slamming, music-blaring, phone-ringing, children-running onslaught... read more

Trusting God with your dreams

It was one of those days, the kind where life seems designed to crush your dreams and everything either seems like too much or not enough. Too much work, not enough time. Too much grief, not enough hope. Too much conflict, not enough rest. At such times, it’s easy for... read more

Mother’s Day without mom

Life is marked by many milestones. Graduating from high school or college. Moving away from home. Landing a serious job. Maybe getting married or becoming a parent. Some events we work hard to achieve. Others we work equally hard to avoid. But, with the passage of... read more

Hope that lasts

I had put off returning to my mother’s house as long as I could, relishing the long winter storms that kept me holed up at my home in Maine. But after the snow receded, leaving behind mud and brown grass, I knew it was time to return to her Connecticut cottage. Mom... read more

Been hurt by church?

My husband Dana swears it wasn’t his fault. We were squeezed in the tiny galley of our kitchen. As I tried to move around him, my baby toe caught the underside of his shoe, partly ripping off my nail. “Why did you do that?” I looked at him aghast as my toe throbbed... read more

Need a rest?

Last week was an exhausting one in our house – scary too! We came down with a miserable stomach flu. For the most part, this meant lying low for a few days and watching Netflix. But for our youngest son, who is less than 2, it meant five days without eating more than... read more