Meadow Rue Merrill

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Meadow Rue Merrill is an award-winning writer, contributing magazine editor and mom of six–including Ruth, who was adopted from Uganda. Meadow doesn’t wear a clerical collar. She didn’t graduate from seminary, but she believes that God is intimately involved in her everyday life, an experience she shares in her weekly newspaper column, “Faith Notes.” Please subscribe to connect!

Redeeming Ruth

Ruth was 16-months old when she arrived in Maine from an orphanage in Uganda. She couldn’t sit up, roll over or lift her head. In seven years Ruth never spoke a word, yet her life spoke volumes about the importance of family, the meaning of faith, and the power of love. “Redeeming Ruth” is her story.

Faith Notes: Words that Encourage

Life is often rough, mine included. Some days seem designed to crush your hopes and dreams. Faith Notes are brief, Scripture-inspired meditations that are meant to encourage. Each Monday I offer a new reflection based on what God is doing in my everyday life. You can also find Faith Notes on Fridays in The Times Record. Or subscribe to have it delivered to your in-box.



What if it didn’t depend on you?

Ever claim to believe one thing only to discover that you are in fact practicing a completely contrary conviction? Imagine a person who tells everyone how important it is to eat natural, whole foods while secretly binging on overly processed, chemically altered garbage. Yep, that was me.

Not the food so much, although I admit to an unholy addiction to vanilla ice cream, but the dualism of believing one thing and practicing another. While claiming that my life wholly depends upon the goodness, grace and supremacy of God, I have, simultaneously been acting as if it all depends on me.

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Praying the name of Jesus

A decade ago, country singer Carrie Underwood won a Grammy for crooning about a woman driving home too fast through snow with her baby in the backseat. When the car begins to slide, she throws up her hands and sings, “Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands, ‘cause I can’t do this on my own. I’m letting go.” My family laughs at me because the first thing I do in a car when we’ve come close to having an accident – whether from another driver’s mistake or my own – is to cry, “Jesus!” Actually, they hate it. “Why do you do that, Mom?” one of my teens complained the last time it happened. Here’s the answer why.

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Are you ready to work?

It was time to work. The yard and stone walls surrounding our house needed to be cleared of brush and fallen trees and blankets of dead leaves. The job was huge, far greater than I could do alone, and my husband was at the office. “Come help me clear brush,” I called to my older children, who were in their rooms, out of sight. Instead of hurrying feet, my request was met with silence.

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The audacity to love

Here is for the courageous ones. For those who say, “yes,” despite the personal cost. For those with the outrageous audacity to love those from whom they have nothing to gain. Here is for the California preacher’s wife, who at the comfortable age of 52, said yes to a dying missionary’s desperate request, “I’m giving you the orphanage.”

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