DiVineblogtour_2OKAY, Moms, remember middle school? How hard it was to figure out what to wear or how to curl your hair or how achingly you wanted to fit in?

As a farm girl whose wardrobe came from Salvation Army (before it was cool), and whose mother often cut her hair, I sure do. When it came to style, barrettes were as risky as I dared. Oh, to be as pert and confident and lip-glossy cute as the girls in movies or on the jackets of books since I wasn’t allowed to read fashion magazines. (Thanks, Mom!)

If your middle-school memories are as Dark-Ages painful as mine — or if you love a tween or teen struggling with self-worth — Sharla Fritz’s new book, “Divine Makeover: God Makes You Beautiful” (Concordia Publishing House, 2014) offers guidance on developing a beautiful character while weaving in fashion tips girls will devour.

In a world saturated by the superficial, Fritz’ book guides girls in discovering that true beauty comes not from a bottle but from truth revealed in the Bible. Fritz, a speaker and author who helps women discover their inner beauty, wrote this thoughtful guide with eight five-day sections with daily meditations, Scripture, and questions designed to be used by a group or read independently.

The study covers everything from Facebook to sexuality while discussing ancient Greek in a context that contemporary girls will understand. Take this little gem from week one under the title, “Change Your Clothes”:

Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator, Colosians 3:10 says. The word ‘new’ appears here twice, Fritz points out, both from separate Greek words. The first, “new self,” comes from the Greek work neos, which refers to ‘new in relation to time,’ Fritz says, like buying a new pair or sneakers. The second, “renewed” or kainos, means ‘new in relation to quality’ — not just replacing your sneakers, but replacing them with the best shoes money can buy.

“On our own, we can only put on the neos new,” Fritz writes. “We can brush on mascara and style our hair. We can buy new clothes ane refashion our image… Still inside we are the same person. But when God works His makeover miracles, we become kainos new. He transforms us from the inside out. He alters the quality of our character and the value of our lives.”

“Picture Jesus coming to your closet,” she continues. “But instead of the closet being full of your usual clothes, it contains some of the attitudes and behaviors that you’ve been meaning to toss. Jesus looks at you gently and asks, ‘Are you ready to change?'”

As the mother of an 11-year-old daughter, Divine Makeover is a book I look forward to reading together.

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A free review copy of this book was given to me by the publisher.