Not having cable or a satellite dish, I had never heard of Life Today TV, which reaches 300 million homes worldwide, or its host James Robinson. Plus, for all the good they may do, I’m leery of people who make a living by asking other people for money.

However, I do have a heart for furry, four legged friends–particularly those with paws and hooves–so I recently read Robinson’s newly released book, “God of All Creation, Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife” (WaterBrook Press, 2012).

While not overly original, the hardcover book with twenty-eight, easy-to-read meditations has a lot going for it. Animals for one. Deb Hoeffner’s charming, black-and-white pencil illustrations for another. Third, it offers an easy presentation of Scripture told through the quirks and habits of animals. It’s also a nice size easy to hold while sipping tea.

Within its 160-pages, Robinson shares insights about God and Christian living that he learned from his own pets and animals he’s observed. Chapter twenty-four, “A Joyful Noise,” describes his shock at the noise created by birds out in the country.

Robinson likens it to Psalm 22:3, which says, “The Lord inhabits the praises of His people.” Or, as Robinson puts it, “…when we sing songs to the Lord, He shows up,” a technique I have often used to deal with disappointment of discouragement.

I can grumble and worry. Or I can sing. The out-loud, stompin’, shake-the-china version works best. As long as the neighbors don’t call the cops.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover, or maybe for a teen or college student who may be reluctant to crack a 2,000-page Bible, these Scripture laced stories are a good bet. In three words: easy, encouraging, thoughtful.

And nowhere did the author ask for money.

To read a sample chapter, click here.

A free copy of this book was provided to me for review by WaterbBook Press. For a chance to win it, simply post a reply on THIS web site or subscribe to my weekly meditations.