REFUSEWith so much bad news I can’t do much about–terrorism, pedophiles, global poverty–it was nice to read a book telling me what I can do. I–an average mom–can find my power to abolish modern-day slavery simply by eating a different kind of chocolate. And being a nosy neighbor. And buying electronics from companies that refuse to use minerals mined by slaves.

That’s the message of activist Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim’s new book, “Refuse To Do Nothing,” (InterVarsity Press, 2013). Rather than simply telling readers what’s wrong with modern-day slavery, Moore and Yim focus on how regular folks like you and me can help end it.

“Slavery?” You might ask, as did Yim’s school-aged daughter. “Slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln.”

If that’s your assumption, you may be surprised to learn–as I was–that there are more people enslaved today than there were during the entire four-hundred year trans-Atlantic African slave trade. People like young Asian girls promised good jobs only to be trapped in international sex slave rings–rings that may operate in your neighborhood. And children sold into slavery by their impoverished parents to harvest cocoa on the Ivory Coast, which produces half the world’s chocolate. And child soldiers in African countries rich in minerals used to make laptops and iPhones.

Adds a different flavor to your hot chocolate, doesn’t it?

Each chapter in Moore and Yim’s 184-page book reveals another grim layer of the modern-day slave trade. However, rather than leaving readers wondering how to respond, they include reflection questions and key-points on how readers can take action–from inviting friends to watch a movie on the modern slave-trade to forming a neighborhood watch group to writing letters to companies and senators (with many addresses and links included).

If this is an issue you’ve been ignoring–or one you simply haven’t heard much about–“Refuse To Do Nothing” is a faith-filled primer on how to get involved.

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What about you? Ever given much thought to where your chocolate comes from? Or are you already involved in helping stop modern-day slavery?