In a world where people we most look up to often fall, heroes can be hard to come by. This year, fellow author and Redbud Writers Guild member Judy Douglass is sharing stories of Kingdom Women. You know, those great women of faith who have influenced your life through their own courage and dedication to God. Today, I’m privileged to share about mine:


Many inspirational women I’ve met between the pages of books—heroic Christian missionaries who long ago traded their dreams for God’s. But the one who has influenced me most isn’t on a shelf. She’s more likely at her computer, Skyping with a team member in Central Asia about which indigenous word to use in translating a book of the Bible. Or illustrating a brochure about the 180 million people still waiting for the Bible in their own language. Or winding down a New England road in her second-hand station wagon on her way to speak at a church.

She is my mom.

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