June 28th, 2012


How far would you to go save the life of a child?

That was the question one Northern California couple, Levi and Jessie Benkert, had to answer in the winter of 2009 when a pastor invited Levi on a mission trip to help build an orphanage in remote Jinka, Ethiopia. Levi went—if only to escape the recent collapse of his real estate development company. What he discovered was a squalid hut housing nine children, all of whom had been rescued from being murdered by their own families due to of a little-known tribal custom.

After his short stay, Levi returned to his family, but he and Jessie soon packed up their three children—eight-year-old Nickoli, five-year-old Luella, and two-year-old Ruth—and moved to Ethiopia.

“No Greater Love, One Man’s Radical Journey Through the Heart of Ethiopia,” by Levi Benkert and co-written by Candy Chand, is a fast-paced story chronicling the family’s first two years in the country. While working to overcome their past, the Benkerts struggled to give the desperate children in their care a future.

Told in the first-person by Levi, the 234-page book, which was published by Tyndale in the spring of 2012, would make a great gift for guys who wouldn’t ordinarily pick up a “missionary story.”

As the daughter of a missionary and the mother of a child from Uganda, I could particularly relate to the author’s desire to use his life to “leave the world a better place than he’d found it.” However, although both Levi and Jessie had prior experience volunteering with orphans, I wondered at their qualifications and motivations for going.

Either way, they certainly endured tough times that would have sent most Americans packing, and I admired their self-sacrifice. What I found particularly astonishing was that this mom and dad were willing to bring their very young children to such a remote and potentially dangerous area.

The book leaves readers with plenty to ponder including the personal responsibility of Believers to lay down their lives to serve others.

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