As a young child growing up with a single mom I had my share of hurts—the insecurity that came from having an uninvolved father, the feeling of not fitting in with my peers at school, the frequent moves that made me an everlasting outsider.

In many ways, this early rejection opened my hurting heart to Jesus, who I first heard about in first-grade. Here was the father figure I’d never had, one who was loving and gentle and kind. One who treasured me. One I could trust.

Through my relationship with Christ, involvement in church, and my mom’s own pursuit of Christianity, I came to know and trust God. I believed that he was actively involved in the world, that he had a purpose for my life, that he protected me, and that he was—and is—all powerful and supremely good. As a result, I gave my life to following him, knowing that nothing could separate me from his love.

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