Guest Post: The Weight of Sorrow

I well-know the pain of losing a child. For each of us, loss is different, and yet God’s love is great enough to encompass them all. In this week’s Faith Notes Guest Post, The Weight of Sorrow, author Kim Findlay shares her own story of motherhood, loss and redemption:

I sat on my couch utterly exhausted. I’d been coughing for six days – deep, lung-wracking coughs that snatched at my breath.

As I labored to breathe, a thought swept over me. I was done. I was tired of breathing and wanted it to stop so I could rest. But that was impossible, wasn’t it? It’s not like I had access to something or someone that could breathe for me. Exhausted as I felt, I had to keep going. As tears welled up, I prayed for the strength to continue on and for the pressure to lighten. I prayed for rest.