A Treasure Indestructible

My mother’s journals sat in a box in my garage. They covered 40 years – from soon after she chose to follow Jesus, on our Oregon farm, to living in Israel, Russia and Azerbaijan, working as a linguist and Bible translator. And before she died, she’d asked me to destroy them. “But Mom,” I’d protested, driving her home from one of her many doctor’s appointments during her final months with cancer. “Those are the stories of your life. They are a treasure.”

The Wounds of Grief and Love

I was feeling unusually down this week, more than even dreary skies and freezing drizzle could account for. Tuesday, I didn’t want to go out. But needing to do errands, I zipped my rain jacket, buckled my kids in the van, and drove to Bath anyway.
“What’s the date?” I asked my 15-year-old daughter, Lydia, pulling up to the bank.
“April 17th,” she said.
“Oh.” I sighed. Suddenly my heavy mood made sense. “Ruth’s birthday.”

Trusting God when your heart is breaking

It was the last time I would ever be in my mother’s house. I’d been dreading this moment since she’d died 18 months before. Neither of us was prepared for her to go so quickly. Diagnosed with cancer in the middle of summer, she’d died six days before Christmas. Could I trust a God like this?

Finding Faith When Life Hurts

Finding Faith When Life Hurts

It is my honor to host “Soul Spa” author Sharla Fritz for the Faith Notes 2015 Summer Blog Tour as she shares her own story of trusting God when life hurts. I pray that Sharla’s words will bless you as they have me: The year started with ominous...
Hope that lasts

Hope that lasts

I had put off returning to my mother’s house as long as I could, relishing the long winter storms that kept me holed up at my home in Maine. But after the snow receded, leaving behind mud and brown grass, I knew it was time to return to her Connecticut cottage. Mom...