Lessening the suffering of others

It is hard to reconcile the terrible things that happen to us with God’s great love for us. Yet, those who I admire most have found a way to keep loving and trusting God anyway while working to lessen the suffering of others.

Pray for the Suffering

One of the most beautiful opportunities during Lent is the opportunity to focus on the larger Christian community around the world. It is an opportunity to repent – such as when reading of abuses committed by those who call themselves followers of Christ – and to pray for those who’ve been abused, both by those from within the church and those from without.

Seeking purpose in a world of suffering

Seeking purpose in a world of suffering

Living in a small city with a large family, the only thing in my life that shouts, “Quiet!” is usually me. From the time my family wakes up in the morning to when I shut off the light, my day is a door-slamming, music-blaring, phone-ringing, children-running onslaught...